FRANCHISE FEE: P 350,000  ( VAT Excluded )

Franchise Term 5 years

Renewal   Term 5 years

Continuation Fee  5,000/month

1.  Standard services provided by the Franchisor

  1. Use of Trade Name
  2. Site analysis
  3. Training for Nail Technician /Training for massage therapist
  4. Training for Cashier / Receptionist
  5. Marketing Plan
  6. Pre-, Grand-, Post Opening Assistance
  7. Operations Manual
  8. Buy our low cost Spa products and supplies

2. Elite nails spa system data base and point of sale

(A computer system were you can easily input, manage, compute sales, commission, expenses and net income )


Required minimum space: 30 square meters ( nail spa only ) 40 square meters ( nails and body spa )

FRANCHISE FEE                                350,000 ( estimated only)

RENOVATION                                     360,000 ( estimated only)

EQUIPMENT                                        75,000 ( estimated only)

FURNITURES & FIXTURES                   90,000 ( estimated only)

UTILITY INSTALLATION                        20,000 ( estimated only)

GOVERNMENT PERMITS                    20,000 ( estimated only)

INITIAL INVENTORY                          150,000 ( estimated only)

GRAND OPENING PROMOTION          20,000 ( estimated only)

START UP OPERATIONS                    75,000 ( estimated only)

MISCELLANEOUS                               5,000 ( estimated only)

TOTAL ESTIMATED      P 800,000 to 1,200,000 (Franchise fee included)

Not included: Rental and deposits, Utility deposits and charges for water, electricity and telephone, licensing , Spa Products

*Estimated return of investment is  18 months

Why choose Elite Nails Spa franchise?

  • • A fast-growing spa concept awarded by Top Brands Award as “Most Outstanding Lifestyle Nail Spa Specialty Salon” in just less than a year of being in the business.
  • • Promotes a high set of standards in our products, services and our business operations.
  • • Aid in location analysis and site selection, as well as site design and layout.
  • • Full initial and ongoing support and training on spa operations, services, and protocols.
  • • Multiple product lines to generate revenue.
  • • We pride in discovering innovative treatments and services to continuously provide our clients new, healthier and valuable spa             services.
  • • A consistent blog campaign to penetrate the online market to boost marketing and advertising programs – a collective effort that will benefit all Elite Nails Spa branches.
  • • Strong social media outlets to reach out to current and new clients.
  • • A team and advisory board with strong expertise, experience and passion in the business.

You’re on the right track with Elite Nails Spa. You can consider this offer as one-of-a-kind business opportunity to start ahead and become an eligible partner to join us in our success.

and in partnership of RK Franchise- Consultancy & Franchise Development

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